Santa Claus Arrives in August

Making a significant life change can challenge a person to overcome obstacles and branch out a bit.  Those obstacles can also bring out our resourcefulness.

Honestly, I don’t know if I was being more resourceful, stubborn, absolutely silly, or all of the above regarding my laundry conundrum today.  I will admit that this afternoon I just had to stop and laugh at myself.

Okay, let’s set the scene. I signed the papers to buy my new home in late June, and my move-in date was in mid-July. As you can imagine, I was quite busy there for a couple of weeks making arrangements for the out-of-state move. One big purchase that I needed to take care of up front was the washer and dryer. Lucky for me, the big box stores were having their annual 4th of July sales. Great timing! I shopped at my local store back home, and then called the store here in Montana to make my purchase. I was told that the set I had chosen was out of stock and would arrive around July 23rd or so. No problem, I thought. I have extra sets of bedsheets and plenty of towels to get me through. And like many women, I have far too many clothes.

On July 25th, I hadn’t heard anything, so I called the store to see if they had an estimate on the arrival of my new appliances. No information. On Friday, I did get the right person. The washer and dryer were in transit and would be there soon. Okay, I could hold out a little longer. I’m used to handwashing underwear anyway.

Then, this past Monday, I finally got the news that the set was in Spokane. Okay, we were getting closer. I should get them by Friday, for sure. They still needed to make it to Missoula before shipping to Kalispell, though. On Wednesday when the phone rang, I thought finally I would get my delivery time. Nope. Sorry. They were trucking them up Thursday, so I would probably get them Friday, or Saturday for sure. He apologized for the delay. The next day, on Thursday, they told me that the delivery would be Saturday, but I would just need to stay near home because I’d get a call thirty minutes beforehand.

As you can imagine, I woke up this morning and called the store. (They had left a couple of messages yesterday when I was out hiking.) I was assured that I would get the delivery sometime today, but they didn’t know when.

Less than five minutes later, the phone rang. “Ya, I’m sorry, but we opened the box, and the washer is damaged. I can deliver the dryer if you want.” Was this really happening? No, I preferred to wait for the full set. By this point, I wasn’t even upset at all. My situation had become quite humorous. I decided that I wouldn’t let this ruin my day in any way. I had plans with my new friend this morning and an event this evening. I could wait another week or so.

When I got home this afternoon, I realized that the only thing I was really running low on was dishtowels. Should I go to the laundromat for a load of towels? I still had a few clean bath towels. Then my stubbornness, or maybe resourcefulness, kicked in. I can hand wash a few dish towels, right? Throw a little detergent and bleach in the laundry room sink, swish them around, rinse a couple of times.  No problem. Oh yes, I did.

Then some Montana magic happened. As I sat down to write this post, a white pickup truck pulled into the driveway with a brand new washer and dryer in the back. One of the two gentlemen had a fluffy white beard with some sporty sunglasses. Undoubtedly, he was my summertime Santa.  I told them the story of that morning’s phone call, but they had no knowledge of it.  They just said this set had my name on it since yesterday, and they were sent from the store to deliver it. It was mine, and it wasn’t damaged in any way. This was also their only delivery of the day. Interesting. Clearly, someone at the store was taking care of me.

They were both very friendly, Montana Friendly, as I now like to say.  After it was all set up, we chatted a bit about great places to kayak, and they left me with the owner’s manuals. I thanked them and made a comment about the fact that I hoped they weren’t more complicated than my automatic sprinkler system. (I thought I had reprogramed it yesterday, but, well I didn’t.) Summer Santa said, “Where is it?” He walked over, punched a few buttons and re-programmed it for me. Merry Christmas!

After they left, I realized that if I had gone to the laundromat, I wouldn’t have been home for the surprise delivery. (There was no thirty-minute call.) Sometimes stubbornness, or maybe resourcefulness, pays off.