Little Joys

I find it interesting that many people I know still find occasion to complain when their lives are pretty great. Yes, of course, I am at times guilty of it too, but I do make a conscious effort to focus on the positive and appreciate each day. Sure, we all need to vent at times, but for many, complaining becomes a habit and they neglect to see life’s beauty.

One thing I try to do every day is to focus on life’s little joys. This helps me avoid that complaining mindset.  You know what I’m talking about; they are those little things that make you smile. I’ve written about some of mine in previous posts: my resident deer herd, seeing mountains on a daily basis, and the stunning beauty of Flathead Lake. Some days, I get especially lucky and have one of those magic moments where I see or experience something extra special.

On Monday, I went on a bike ride with a friend. As we were riding down a country road, I spotted not just a pony, but a baby pony (foal?), as we were riding by. Fortunately for me, we would be backtracking on the same road to return to my place. I think my friend thought I was a little goofy, but he agreed to stop and take a look.

We stopped just in time to see the baby and his mother running across the field to greet their owner. Yes, it was another Montana Magic moment. The owner yelled at us from across the field, inviting us over for a closer look. She then told the story of buying the pony without knowing that she was pregnant at the time. My friend and I got acquainted with the owner, both ponies, a horse, and the dog, too. After a pleasant visit and some commemorative photos, we said our goodbyes and rode back home.

So keep your eyes open. You never know what little joys, or maybe extra special surprises, may come your way today!pony better pic




New Neighbors and Night Skies

A couple of weeks ago my new neighbor shared her excitement for the upcoming Perseid meteor showers, which would be at their peak this past weekend. She invited me to meet up in their backyard on Sunday for some late night viewing. This included an agreement that we’d all take afternoon naps to be able to stay up as late as possible.

After scaring the heck out of them with my 10:45 knock at the back door, we got arranged in their cushy patio chairs to see the night-sky action. Having lived in a rather populated area for most of my adult life, star-gazing was an infrequent event, mostly enjoyed when we were out on our boat. It was, however, a big part of my childhood. Talk about simple pleasures. This was one of the many things I was searching for in making this move. The night sky didn’t disappoint. We saw quite a few meteors and managed to stay up until almost 1:00 AM.

The unexpected joy of the evening was the opportunity to get acquainted with my new neighbor.  She and I stayed out together after her husband had grown tired and turned in for the night. We all have our stories, and what could be a better setting to share them? Feeling grateful this morning for our night-sky bonding.

Dog Watching

From an entire month’s experience, I have come to the conclusion that Montanans truly embrace their summer days. I’m guessing that may be because of the cold winters and extreme temperatures they endure. This isn’t a strange concept for a girl from the Seattle area. We take delight in every rainless summer day! But there’s something magical about the more extreme seasonal changes in a mountain climate.

I was surprised and absolutely thrilled to find out that I can experience live music (mostly free of charge) pretty much every summer evening throughout the Flathead Valley. I have been averaging four or five nights a week, mostly in parks.

One of the joys of live outdoor music is people watching, but I have to say a close second is dog watching. Last night, I strategically sat behind a big sad-faced service dog who was slumped under a folding chair.  There was also a little cutie who wandered over to me a few times for some pets.  The most adorable was a golden retriever, who appeared to be smiling at times. The female half of last night’s folk/rock duo even mentioned that dogs like their music.  I’m pretty sure he did.

dog watching