Valley Music

One of the many things that fascinate me about the Flathead Valley is the abundance of musical talent. I have a great appreciation of almost every kind of music but have yet to discover any great talent in myself. I am, however, known to sing and dance at random times, and tend to have music blaring whenever possible. Perhaps my purpose is to consume rather than create in the musical realm.

I am inspired by the talent I am seeing and hearing in local venues; people tell me that there is still more to discover, too. Lucky for me, a friend connected me with my new “bestie” in Kalispell. He has become my personal event planner and is responsible for getting me out many of these summer nights. With his help, I have discovered the joys of Picnic in the Park and ThursdayFest, both in downtown Kalispell. We’ve also been to a couple of breweries and a wine bar together to see some of his favorites. On my own, I have discovered the Riverbend Concert Series on summer Sunday nights in Bigfork and music at the Monday market.  (Feel free to respond with a comment if you have further recommendations. Remember, I’m new here!)

This week I have been fortunate to volunteer at the Crown Guitar Festival in Bigfork. Who would have guessed that such a little town would have such an incredible world-class event! The festival includes both a musicians’ workshop and nightly concerts for five days. During the first two days, I’ve seen the legendary Edgar Winter; Cory Henry, who simply makes magic with his Hammond organ; and jazz greats Nathan East and Lee Ritenour. My volunteer duty has been in the silent auction tent, which is anything but work for a social girl like me. In addition to hearing fabulous music, I’m meeting interesting people, including locals and those from various parts of North America who are visiting for the festival.

Once again, I am finding life here better than expected. I look forward to exploring more music and some new indoor venues as fall arrives.


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