New Neighbors and Night Skies

A couple of weeks ago my new neighbor shared her excitement for the upcoming Perseid meteor showers, which would be at their peak this past weekend. She invited me to meet up in their backyard on Sunday for some late night viewing. This included an agreement that we’d all take afternoon naps to be able to stay up as late as possible.

After scaring the heck out of them with my 10:45 knock at the back door, we got arranged in their cushy patio chairs to see the night-sky action. Having lived in a rather populated area for most of my adult life, star-gazing was an infrequent event, mostly enjoyed when we were out on our boat. It was, however, a big part of my childhood. Talk about simple pleasures. This was one of the many things I was searching for in making this move. The night sky didn’t disappoint. We saw quite a few meteors and managed to stay up until almost 1:00 AM.

The unexpected joy of the evening was the opportunity to get acquainted with my new neighbor.  She and I stayed out together after her husband had grown tired and turned in for the night. We all have our stories, and what could be a better setting to share them? Feeling grateful this morning for our night-sky bonding.

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