Dog Watching

From an entire month’s experience, I have come to the conclusion that Montanans truly embrace their summer days. I’m guessing that may be because of the cold winters and extreme temperatures they endure. This isn’t a strange concept for a girl from the Seattle area. We take delight in every rainless summer day! But there’s something magical about the more extreme seasonal changes in a mountain climate.

I was surprised and absolutely thrilled to find out that I can experience live music (mostly free of charge) pretty much every summer evening throughout the Flathead Valley. I have been averaging four or five nights a week, mostly in parks.

One of the joys of live outdoor music is people watching, but I have to say a close second is dog watching. Last night, I strategically sat behind a big sad-faced service dog who was slumped under a folding chair.  There was also a little cutie who wandered over to me a few times for some pets.  The most adorable was a golden retriever, who appeared to be smiling at times. The female half of last night’s folk/rock duo even mentioned that dogs like their music.  I’m pretty sure he did.

dog watching

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