Sleep-in Days

During the quarter decade or so that I was teaching, I always felt that the very best thing about summer break was not just the time off, but sleeping in. As a secondary educator, I often had to wake up as early as 5:45. I’ve never felt like a morning person, and it was usually about second period by the time I got into my groove.  The sheer bliss of sleeping until 8:00 was the best gift of summer.

After more than a month of moving from one state to another, I decided to enjoy some carefree sleepy mornings this weekend. Clearly, my body was telling me to slow down. Not only have I been occupied with setting up a new home, but I have also been pursuing an active social life by hiking, kayaking, and getting out for live music almost every night. This is in addition to researching and setting up a new online business, as well as doing some fill-in work for one of the shop owners in town. I guess I have been busy.

Taking the time to wake up and leisurely lie in bed was a much-needed reward. Saturday morning I decided to set aside the to-do list for the weekend and just relax. It will all still be there tomorrow.

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