Should I Even Reveal This?

I almost want to keep this secret; you may not even believe it, but here goes…

I had a most pleasant experience getting my driver’s license today. First, you have to know that I’m a rule follower. Legally, you are supposed to get a Montana license within sixty days of moving here. Clearly, not everyone does this. Mine was still valid for two more years in Washington, but rules are rules.  I pretty much have to follow them.

I don’t know how many states are doing this, but all of them should!  You can make an appointment online at the department of licensing. This isn’t just for a driver’s test, but for any service. They even send you a reminder via text.

I arrived today just in time for my 11:30 appointment, and immediately received a friendly greeting: “We’ll be right with you.”  A couple of minutes later, a woman came to the waiting area and asked the few of us waiting who had an appointment. When I said that I did, she handed me a clipboard with a two-sided form to fill out, (The second side included my voter’s registration.) and then helped another person.

I was back at a desk within a few minutes. The employee working with me checked my documents, and we engaged in friendly conversation. As I took a quick vision test, we commiserated a little about our aging eyes. She then took my photo, I wrote a check, and I was out of there before noon. It was all so simple and efficient: a one-stop deal.  I don’t think I’ve ever left the DOL that quickly or that happily before.



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