Moving into a new home involves ample time with the drill, hammer, and screwdriver. Really, there are so many things to put on the walls, and not just artwork. Actually, hanging art is the easiest. If it isn’t quite right, just move it up or down or over, hammer the picture hook back in, and done.

It’s all the other stuff that’s consuming my time and energy. For example, I thought it would be simple to hang up two racks of hooks for the mudroom. Not quite. Each rack had three screws. Not only did I have to get the holes in exactly the right spots, but I then had to line up the second rack next to it. That ended up being a two-day thing; I finally got it right this morning. There just might be a few extra holes hiding under those racks, but they look great now.

However, the mother of all hang-ups is the large curtain or drapery rod. Oh, those do scare me a bit. Fortunately, I have been schooled in anchors, both from my cousin who came to help me the first week, and some trial and error. Today, my new friend brought over some like-new, gorgeous draperies that just happen to be perfect for my bedroom and living room. (Once again, I am pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the kindness of my new friends and neighbors.) I got on the ladder to hold them up for size, and she approved. Now I’m a little anxious about drilling: okay maybe more than a little. I just can’t mess up. It may take a couple of days to psych up for this job.

So yes, I do have to admit that I have a hang-up about hanging things up.

Postscript (August 25, 2018): It did take two tries to get the big, double-traverse drapery rod correctly installed in the master bedroom. The first time, I had set the brackets too close to the window frame. This was after carefully calculating and being absolutely certain about the measurements.  I made my second attempt last Monday, and after a couple of hours and a few expletives, it looks just right. It’s starting to feel like home.


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