Sometimes You Just Have to Ask

Yesterday I had some good luck with Craigslist. Well actually, mixed luck. I did make a run to go see a table that I thought might serve as an ideal desk/workspace. It wasn’t so great. Now I know why the photo was a bit blurry.

But my other quest was better than expected. First, the house was just a few miles away, which is not always the case around here. I was looking at a queen bed and bed frame. It was in exceptional condition and was a classic style, perfect for the guest room. The owners were friendly, too.  She then showed me a couple of other items: a scrumptious oversized chair with an ottoman and a custom-made steel coffee table with a glass top. I didn’t hesitate. “I’ll take it all.”

One little problem: I just moved here, and I have a small SUV. How was I going to get all of this fabulous stuff transported? Only the coffee table would fit, but I wouldn’t be able to lift it by myself.

Fortunately, this is Montana, where practically every household owns a pick-up, and most people are pretty darn friendly.  And let’s just say I’m not exactly shy.  I first tried my new friend in the neighborhood. Surely she would know someone with a truck who could help me. Oops. She couldn’t think of anyone, but she did offer the services of her son who was coming into town for a visit. My next option was a neighbor. I had only met him once, but he seemed like a good guy. Really, what was the worst thing that could happen? He could say no, or make an excuse. He didn’t. Most people are helpful by nature.

So late this morning the three of us headed out to pick up my not new, but gently used, furniture. I’m so very thankful for the kindness of those who were nearly strangers. No doubt I’ll have an opportunity to repay their kindness sometime soon.


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