Garage Love

It’s taken just a little over a week, but I’m in love…with my garage.

Today’s must-do chore was setting up the storage racks in the garage. Not my favorite task, but I had just purchased some used furniture and wanted to start refinishing it. Thus the need to finally organize the garage.

You have to understand something about me. I’m not really a garage person, or at least I didn’t think I was. Sure, I’m a bit handy. I have a cordless drill, finishing sander, and a toolbox with the basics. I need space for my sports equipment, too. But I’ve always thought of garages as yucky, dirty places. 

My dad, on the other hand, was a garage guy. He built a four-car garage with a full-sized attic for all of his goods and gadgets. He was always out there tinkering or building something, definitely his man cave. When I was a little girl, I would enter just to see him. I didn’t really like the location; I just loved his company.

With my new garage, I now see things differently. Maybe it’s a Montana thing. Perhaps it’s my dad’s influence. Or it could be because it’s my own space. But probably it’s because it’s bright, spacious and sparkling!  I mean, this garage has four windows and textured walls. It is considered a two and a half car, but really it’s almost a three-car in size. And it is deep, with a rather high double door. I just realized last night that I no longer have to remove those pesky kayak racks to park the car.  It also has an ingenious feature called “man door.” This is a door to the outside on the front side of the house rather than the back.  It should be called a “woman door” though; if ever there was a garage built to please a woman, this is it.

man door

Back when I was house hunting,  I figured I would just need a typical two-car garage. That would have been just fine, but my house has given me so much more. I think my garage and I will have a very happy future.


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